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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Digging Out The Car

A few of you have asked me and I said I would keep you posted on the situation with my car. In all, it was suck up at Sundance for 7 days! I know, ridiculous. Finally on the morning of the seventh day the sheriff called me and very, very nicely told me that Sundance was sick and tired of having our car sitting on their property. (Understandably) She told me that it needed to be moved that day. Thankfully I had already arranged for its removal and the process was in motion. The locksmith made the key and left it up at Sundance for me to pick up. I got up there at around 3:30 but when I tried to start the car it wasn't turning over. After attempting a jump which was unsuccessful and making my mom (who was with me) extremely late for work, I let her take my car to work and my brother Christian, my kids and I waited for the locksmith to come back up and get my car going again. While we waited, the boys tried to dig our car out from the mountain of snow it was sitting under. This movie cracks me up.

What ended up happening was that the computer in my car kept dropping the code programmed into the key. It happened twice once at Sundance and again when I got my car home. Finally today the locksmith came back again for the third and hopefully final time to program my key, this time with an official Nissan key. Apparently my car is a snob because generic keys just wont cut it.

Sophia has the right idea, I would have been waiting in the car also. Good thing you had your boys there to dig you out, looks like you couldn't have done it without them. Christian is SO cute! How old is he now?
Very interesting article.
I used to lock myself out of my car and my apartment all the time (I still do). And I think I broke a world record for the number of times I have lost all my keys! Needless to say, the locksmith bills seriously started to add up (those bastards sure aren’t cheap!) and it was becoming a real pain in the ass having to replace my locks all the time. I knew that I had to do something about this problem. So I decided I would learn how to pick locks no matter what it took! At last I had discovered the TRUTH about lock picking! Despite what you're told, it's actually very easy to pick a lock!
Isaac and I thoroughly loved that! Glad you got out!
Nothing like these videos -- to help you always remember this event. I'm glad you finally got the car situation taken care of. Next time you go skiing maybe you need to make sure you have a zippered pocket without holes to place your keys in -- hopefully then you won't have the same problem. ;)
Oh how I love car problems. Happy you finally got it off the mountain. That video is so cute, makes me miss them all even more.
How funny. Glad you were able to get the car home.
sheesh- a snobby car! oh i know what those kind of things feel like! good job turning it into a family event now captured in a movie!!
My favorite part is that isaiah was using the ice scraper to dig! Didn't you have any spoons? :) Glad you're mobile again - sorry we weren't much help!
i love these movies you are making!!
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