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Monday, January 7, 2008


Walking in the Air

After the snow had fallen on Sunday afternoon I decided that I needed to get out and be in nature. I have been longing for a space of time where I could escape my home life and reconnect with the powers that be. It felt so good outside. A bit cold at first but once I started walking, my body warmed up and I felt exhilarated. I need to get out more often. My intention was to get some exercise but more importantly to have a meditative walk. One in which I could clear my mind. Focus on a mantra and nothing else. I decided that my mantra would be just to listen to the outdoors. I don't know if that was an acceptable mantra but it was my walk and my meditation so I did what I felt was right for me. When other thoughts entered into my head I cleared them as best I could. I'm pretty new to meditation and any experimenting I have done with it was a long time ago. Needless to say I have a busy mind so dismissing thoughts was difficult but I did my best. I focused on listening to the sound of my boots crunching in the snow underneath me. The occasional birds chirped and just when I was getting a sense of really being away from the world, a plane flew overhead. When I stopped walking though there was only silence. It was a thick silence because the snow acts like a sound absorber. It sounded like my ears were plugged. What a refreshing way to invigorate my soul. I brought my camera and snapped a few shots of winter. Nothing special really, just some images that made me thankful that I to live so close to the mountains.

Kiera - Thanks so much for starting your blog. It's going to keep us "posted" on what is going on at your house. The pics and music are incrediable of your winter walk but most of all I love your writing style. You go girl! Love ya - Terrisa
Kiera - The music you chose is awesome. It sends me back in time. It makes my eyes well up. Love Dad.
Just beautiful Kiera. Give me a call the next time you want a non-quiet walk.
those are great shots! I love the mountains too!!
Gorgeous. I hear that the "outdoors" are quite amazing (even if there are no books).

Glad to see you are getting "out" of the house and "in" to your self. I want to learn how to do that. (Meditation usually devolves into a conversation with myself about how I need to shut up and listen.)
Those are so beautiful! My mom has started meditating right before she goes to sleep and she said it's very relaxing and helps keep anxiety down. I need to try it. She said when thoughts come into her mind, she just acknowledges them and lets them pass--kind of like there is a stage in your mind where they've made an appearance and then pass.
Kiera, hey if you want to get some good exercise in, try coming to the stake center MWF at 9am they do a great "cardio" type of work out and then some great stretching. I went for the first time and feel great -- I can also feel the "burn" too.

The pictures are GREAT!!! I love winter for the great scenes that can be created.
Just reading that and looking at those pictures makes me feel less stressed.
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