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Sunday, January 13, 2008


The Struggle

My friend Liz called with a great idea to take the kids to Jump On It. I've never been there but apparently it's a place filled with trampolines and bouncy stuff for kids to play on. All of my kids were very excited about going. Especially Matias. All that needed to happen was that Matias needed to change out of his jammies and put on "regular" clothes. We fought for a hour. I did my very best. I even told him he could wear jammy bottoms with a regular shirt or vice versa. No luck. Can you believe this kid? Finally, I made one last attempt. I laid out three outfits and told him he could choose. These options included pajamas!! I went upstairs, finished getting ready, and when I went back downstairs to check on him, he was asleep. I guess all of the arguing wore the poor little guy out. Isaiah and Sophia still wanted to do something but I didn't feel good about going to Jump On It without Matias. I called my sister Tavia and she agreed to babysit so that we could still go out. So while Matias slept, we went to the Monte Bean Museum.

Isaiah examined this deer and determined where they cut him open to stuff him.

This was how Sophia responded every time I suggested we go look at the next display. It was accompanied with a very enthusiastic "YAY!!!"

Where do these bugs come from? I hope no where near my house!!

The second part of our struggle was when the kids discovered the gift shop. It took us forever to drag them out of there, kicking and screaming at times. I say times because this process repeated itself more than once. Sure, the admission to the museum may be free but it doesn't come without a price!

In the end, it was a fun afternoon spent with Jackson and Chloe Kemp. Next time we play together, we hope that Matias will change out of his jammies so that we can all go to Jump On It!

That museum is one of Calvin's most favorite places on earth and there was a time when EVERY DAY we fought over taking his jammies off. One time I told him if he didn't change out of his pajamas I was going to leave him...hmmm maybe I shouldn't make this story public... Oh well, so then I went out in the garage, started up the car and actually backed out of the garage and then snuck back into the the house to see his reaction or maybe I should say lack thereof. He could not have cared less.
Honestly, it's so good to hear that Calvin went through the same jammie phase. (Or at least I hope it's a phase.) I cant believe he didn't freak out when you got in the car and backed out. That makes me laugh!!
How funny, Matias is such a character. It looks like you had fun still.
That's so funny, because Thomas will throw a fit if I don't get his jammies off and put "regular" clothes onto him. I guess that is part of our journey being mothers, we have to take the bad with the good. So why is it that he likes his jammies?? The picture on them, maybe you could let him pick out a new shirt that he just might wear>> who knows???
kiera- this blogging world is crazy- do you remember me- we worked at Subway together- I'm Jenny Warner's older sister Carrie- I remember mopping floors and laughing til I almost wet my pants. Great blog. Darling kids.
I can't believe how long Sophie's hair is.

I used to love the Beam Museum when I was a kid, especially the Liger of course.
this is hillarious, because Bella only wants to wear her "nightie gown" or a swim suit all day, so I know what you are going through with the jammas! weird but, I was thinking the other day that Olea looks kindof like Matias! and thanks for the tag but I was tagged a while back from 3 people and I never responded so it wouldn't be fair if I did now, right? haha, maybe I'll think about it! I loved your 7 things!
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