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Wednesday, January 2, 2008


The Reluctant Tooth

Isaiah has always been dentally advanced. He got his first tooth at 3 months and for a long time I wondered what I ever did to deserve that! He started losing his teeth over a year ago and has already managed to lose 7 teeth. Never has he ever had a problem with this process...until now. He has had a loose tooth for over a month now. In fact this reluctant tooth has been hanging on so long that a different tooth got loose and came out in a quarter of the time it has taken this tooth to finally accept defeat. I have been trying to encourage Isaiah to wiggle it out because it has literally been hanging on by a thread for a few days now but he would just say, "It's my tooth and I can do whatever I want with it." Apparently this meant that he could let it dangle in his mouth for days on end but whatever, to each his own. Well, tonight he came up to me and asked if his tooth had fallen out. Of course it hadn't yet but I asked him to show it to me so that I could see. Before he knew it I had flicked it out of his mouth and then I replied "It has now." Woo hoo! The saga has finally ended. This extraction then prompted the question..."Mom, what is the hardest substance in the human body?" I dont know?? Teeth?

Wow, he is dentally advanced. Harriett hasn't lost a single tooth yet. She wiggles her teeth often in hopes that one will finally feel loose.
I know what you mean by them hanging on by a thread. Katherine had one just a few weeks ago that she wouldn't let us touch -- and it was a few days before it finally was out. It had been loose for about a month or so and the last few days it was just dangling on. But she's only lost 3teeth so far. Kaylee has only lost 2!!
This is hilarious! My dad used to do that to us. He would act all innocent like he was just going to look at our loose teeth. Then he would strike and rip it out! We all learned at a young age. Only show Dad your loose teeth if they are ready to come out.
I was teasing Isaiah by saying that we would tie a string to the tooth and tie the string to the door knob and then slam the door shut...he didn't think that was very funny, but I did. Parents can be cruel sometimes, I figure we've earned it. :)
I remember the whole doorknob stunt, scared the hell out of me when I was a kid. As if it's going to be horrifically painful, but really I don't think it ever even worked.

Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the body.
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