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Saturday, January 19, 2008


A Night With Tay Tay

My sister Tavia came over to watch my kids for me last night while my mom and I went to see a movie. A rare treat which I enjoyed immensely! (We went to see Juno for all those of you who are interested. It was very cute and I liked it a lot. You should check it out!) When I got home, this is what awaited me...

A huge fort in front of the TV. My kids were in heaven! Unfortunately I had trouble getting everyones attention for the picture because there was a riveting show on the TV that demanded the intense attention of all...(notice Tavia's expression) That show of course was Curious George. That monkey really knows how to suck you in!

Thanks Auntie Tay, for such a fun night!

What a fun Aunt! Tavia must be a favorite at your house and an incredible babysitter to get all of the children to sit quietly together and watch a movie - even one as engrossing as Curious George.
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