Peace and Pandemonium

Monday, January 28, 2008


Late night brouhaha

The opportunities are few and far between when all of my brothers and sisters, parents and significant others are all in the same place at the same time. With this in mind we went ahead with our original plans to have a big family dinner on Sunday night despite the fact that poor Tay Pop was in the hospital. I always look forward to these gatherings because all I ever have to do is provide the venue for the party (my house) and everything else is taken care of. My very favorite thing in the world is when my Dad and Terrisa come into town because they always cook amazing food and leave no trace of a mess. Not to mention they are fun to be around. They are so wonderful!! They prepared a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings and it was fabulous.

After we had eaten our delicious meal, we decided that we would fix a plate for Tavia and take it to her in her hospital room; something that after all was said and done, never actually happened. We did however pile into our cars at 8:45 that night and met up in room 688. This room is very small and there were 15 of us. We were tightly cramped but hey, we're family, it's all good! It was actually really fun.

Yes, that is Steven with the contraband! Latex balloons in hospitals are "strictly" prohibited. In his defense, we didn't bring them. A few of Tavia's friends brought them to her earlier that day and once we got there my kids insisted that we blow them up. We hid them all in the bathroom when the nurse came in to take our picture for nice of her...and we took them all home with us when we left so as not to endanger any patients.

My youngest brother Christian, me, my papa, and my sister Ashley.
I realize this is off the subject but notice my amazing Slytherin's my new favorite article of clothing.: )

We love Tavia and I am happy to report that she was released from the hospital on Monday morning and she is feeling much better!! The doctors expect a full recovery.

Having a family member sick is never a good thing but I have to say that this was a weekend that I will not soon forget! It seemed to be filled with an endless array of follies and blunders but in the end it was just really nice to have all my loved ones around for the weekend. We created memories that we will laugh about for years to come. I have more stories to tell about this weekend but for now I'm just very thankful for my family. I love them all dearly!

Such a great time...even if that room was WAY hot. I wish we could get the whole clan together more.
I can't believe you fit everyone in there! Glad to hear she is feeling better.
your family is beautiful! aren't those gatherings the best?!
Fun to see shots of your family. That is a lot of people in one hospital room for sure!
Of course our one whole family picture in years and Tavia rips her kidney and has to be hospitalized haha
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