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Tuesday, January 8, 2008



Isaiah has been fascinated with snakes ever since he was a little boy. At three years old he started asking if he could have a snake. Steven and I told him that he had to wait until he was 7 years old before he could have one. Of course at the time, that seemed like forever away. Isaiah on the other hand, never forgot our promise. He continued to remind us regularly for 3 1/2 years, that he couldn't wait until he turned 7 so that he could get a ball python. We finally caved. For Christmas this year we surprised him with a baby ball python. Isaiah named him Slytherin. He is a very low maintenance pet. One of the coolest parts about having a pet snake is watching it eat. Today we fed Slytherin.

I know what you're thinking..."Aww, the poor little mouse. :( "

Just remember, it's the circle of life folks.

I despise snakes ever since 7th grade humanities when I had to sit next to a tank housing a MASSIVE python.

That being said, I will try to forget this post, and maybe we can still be friends.
Yikes! So, do you have to buy live mice to feed it? I once heard a really interesting This American Life show about this woman who photographed moments of animal death. She would raise all of these various insects and small animals--including mice--in her NYC apartment and then take these gorgeous pictures of them eating each other.

Leah--it could be your new calling!
What kind of hairless weird looking mouse is that?! I had to "pet sit" a snake for a freind of mine once and I had to call on the neighbors help when it came time to drop the mouse in. I just couldn't bear it!
I like snakes, and I don't care for rodents (despite my history of numerous hamster pets) so I am okay with the snake getting a meal every now and then. Remember the snake at Waterford? What was that, first grade? Remember Quinn told everyone the snake had legs but you could only see them at night after everyone left. I stayed up at nights wondering about that.
I love that comment Rachel...Leah, I think Rachel might be onto something! Diedre, the mouse is called a pinky. It really should still be in the womb because its eyes and ears aren't even fully developed. Emily, I had hampsters too, that must have been the hip pet at the time. The most prominent memory I have of Quinn was that he could run really fast. : )
That snake is so cool, Isaiah is a lucky boy.

And in response to Rachel's comment, do you know when that was or what her name is? I would love to podcast that, I love This American Life.
Ashley--it's this episode of TAL: (the first act). Her name is Catherine Chalmers, and the book she created based on this project is called Food Chain. Enjoy!
I don't think that URL went through all the way--it's episode 49, aired 7.20.2001 and called "Animals."
Thank you!
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