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Thursday, January 31, 2008


I'm lost without Lost

Tonight is the Lost season premiere and I am beyond excited. I watched last night's episode of last year's season finale, it had a ticker at the bottom giving insight into the show. It shared secrets about the potential direction the show will now take and totally opened my mind to some things that had escaped me last year. Watching it got me all fired up for tonight's premiere and I'm writing this blog right now solely to pass the time until the show starts.

The other thing I'm doing to pass the time is taking this awesome quiz. I am John Locke and I couldn't be happier about it. He's one of my favorite characters. A Lost episode without John Locke is just not worth the trouble. The description does describe me to some extent too so I thought that was pretty cool. Thankfully however, I am not bald.

Which Lost Character Are You?

Created by BuddyTV

I loved the first season so much, but at this point I am somewhat tired of being strung around and my patience being taken for granted. Everytime they open up a new mystery they never resolve another, even when their lame previews promise anwsers, you never get any satisfaction. I am still a devoted viewer but I have stopped holding my breath. I am sort of expecting dissapointment when it's all said and done. And what the hell happened to the freakin Polar Bears that terrorized them the first season and are now completely gone?
I think they are going to do a complete refection of the first 3 seasons and resolve all of the mysteries as they go along. The first mysteries like the polar bears will be the last ones to be solved. That is my prediction. I guess we'll have to keep watching to find out for sure.
I can not wait until next week, last night just added all the more mystery!
Diedre makes me laugh, I laugh because it is true: what the hell did happen to polar bears. Nonetheless, I LOVE IT! I am Charlie, who I really like but alas I have never been addicted to hard drugs... Dr Pepper yes, heroine no. But I do have a thing for a sexy Australian accent so I can see the similarities. (Don't tell me anything about season three. I am just beginning it.)
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