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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Hair Doodle

I realize that to many of you, doing your daughters hair is just like getting them dressed in the morning, it gets done before you leave the house. I'm living in a different world. I have much opposition! Thankfully Sophia has curly hair so I have been able to slack off in the past and it still looks cute. Lately however we have been trying to grow out her bangs. Slacking off is no longer an option! Under normal circumstances Sophia's hair would be all in her face and tangled. Today I convinced her that we could make her look very pretty if she just let me do something with it. For some bazaar reason she listened and allowed me to brush her hair and pull it up and out of her face. I hardly know how to do her hair because it's such a rarity when I'm actually allowed to. I decided not to press my luck too much so I opted for a simple side ponytail. I remember wearing my hair like this when I was a little girl. Hopefully the more I play with it the more she'll be willing to let me.

So cute. i remember HATED having my hair brushed. It was one of my "chores."
It's amazing how their look can change the minute you put a "hair" thing in. Sophie is so Adorable --let's hope she can find some girly "traits" to offset being the only girl with two brothers. :)
Sooo cute Sophie!!!
She's so cute it's unreal.

I'm glad she let you put her hair up, maybe she realized that it isn't so bad after we got her to keep it up at the hospital.
she is GORGEOUS!!!! I love how you did her hair! it is growing so fast!
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