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Thursday, January 3, 2008


Goodbye tonsils. Hello 10 days recovery time.

Matias had his tonsils and adenoids removed this morning. He was extremely brave. Ever since Matias was a baby he has been congested. Basically his whole life he has had very narrow passageways, both nasally and in his throat. He has struggled with infections, hearing loss, sleep apnea, and snoring for most of his life and today we have hopefully solved the main problem for all of those symptoms. He was scheduled to check into the hospital at 7:45...we of course didn't arrive until close to 8. We did some waiting around and some minor blood work (a finger prick) and that left Matias feeling like this...

He was weighed and measured and dressed into hospital jammies which let me tell you, didn't go well. As I have said before, Matias is a jammie connoisseur and these hospital jammies didn't measure up.

The top was too big and bottoms were too small and the whole outfit was just a mess but once again, Matias was very brave and he managed to keep them on...well almost.

Finally it was time to say our goodbyes and Matias handled it so well. I thought maybe he would get scared and cry when they were taking him away but he just held onto the nurse. He turned back to look once and then he was gone.

After about 50 minutes he returned to his room and slept off the anesthesia.

OK wait, I need to back up for a second. After the whole jammie incident a social worker came in to talk to Matias about what he could expect to happen right before they put him under. We didn't bring a stuffed animal or anything cuddly for Matias so she went and got him this little brown doll with a hospital shirt on it. It didn't have any facial features...just a brown stuffed doll with a shirt. This doll became known as Monkey and I have never seen Matias treat a stuffed toy in the same way, ever. It was so sweet and interesting to watch. Once he woke up he wanted Monkey right away.

He held him and cuddled him and kissed him on the head. When I offered Matias a drink, he made sure that Monkey got to take the first sip. When we left the hospital and were driving in the car he kept telling Sophia to be quiet because Monkey was trying to take a nap. He was nurturing Monkey in such a kind way and it was a pleasure to watch. I was so impressed with how Matias handled the whole ordeal so I went ahead and over indulged him a bit. We went to Build A Bear and Matias made a monkey in a spiderman suit.

I had been wanting to get him one of these stuffed toys for a while but hadn't had the chance yet. Today seemed like the perfect opportunity.

He even had the energy to wrestle Spiderman to the ground before going to home to get some much needed rest.

What a cute little boy. I got my tonsils out when I was 2 and I remember loving all of the ice cream and popsicles I got to eat afterwards!
I had my tonsils and adenoids removed when I was younger as well. ANd I too, remember all the ice cream and popsicles, YEAH!! But I was a bit older like 2nd grade -- so about 7 - 8 years old. He's a tough guy, and cute too!!
Calvin has been congested nearly the entire time he has been alive. Perhaps we need to look into removing his adenoids. I love the picture with the bandaged finger. Sometimes the doctor makes me feel like that too.

P.S. I'll make you a cake anytime for no special reason.
He's such an adorable little badass, I would have cried my eyes out.
It's so hard to have to let your kids go in the hospital. He's sounds like he was very brave.
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